Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 59 : Lost Light

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 59   Fullmetal-Alchemist-Brotherhood-Episode-59-King-Bradley-pins-Roy-Mustang

 Continuing from the previous episode, Doctor Goldtooth asks Mustang to perform human transmutation to save Hawkeye's life, to which Mustang seemingly gives in, but actually accepts her request not to perform human transmutation. The Doctor is surprised that Mustang sacrificed a pawn, but Mustang responds by pointing out that it is nothing compared to the sacrifices the Doctor himself made in human sacrifices. The Doctor reveals that the zombies who were candidates for Führer Bradley are happy to be sacrificial pawns because he raised them after their parents abandoned them and they would have died without his help. Mustang points out that this overconfidence has thrown the Doctor off balance, and the Doctor disappears before asking what Mustang meant. A container containing a liquid Philosopher's Stone falls on the head of one of the zombies, and the Goldtooth Doctor is revealed to have been caught in Jersa's saliva in his Chimera form, hanging from pipes around the ceiling. The Doctor tries to talk Jerso into letting him go so he can save Hawkeye's life, but Jerso knows that line won't work on him. Mei and the transformed Zampano fall into the room and use their individual weapons on the zombie soldiers, allowing Mustang and Scar to break free. During the fight, Mei tries to retrieve the Philosopher's Stone, but a zombie soldier kicks the container away, while Mustang uses his remaining gauntlet to break through with his flame alchemy and go to Hawkeye. Before the distracted Mustang is knocked to the ground, a transformed Darius flies down from the ceiling and knocks out the soldier.

While chasing the container, Mei notices Roy and the injured Hawkeye, and knowing she's in first place, she uses her Alkahestry on Hawkeye. Mustang thanks her, but Mei explains that all she did was stop the bleeding and that Hawkeye needs a real doctor. After waking up, Hawkeye apologizes and thanks Mustang for understanding her wish. Mustang admits that seeing her face like that, he could tell she'd shoot him if he transmuted into a human. Before Mei can lift the glass, someone else does - King Bradley (Wrath). Noticing that Bradley's earlier wounds are not healing, Mustang states that he looks as good as ever, and it is revealed that after being knocked into the ditch earlier, Bradley survived by swimming into the underground tunnels through the sewers. Bradley is surprised as he imagined Mustang wouldn't hesitate to save a friend's life after looking at the injured Hawkeye. Mustang admits that he did in the past, but now he has friends who would stop him if he tried and show him the right way. Bradley says that he always expected people to be the same, and although there are some who can actually change, this factor makes him very angry. Mei then senses her father and the doctor points out that he won't let them interfere with him. When Jerso tells him to give up, something mysterious injures him and knocks Jerso to the ground. While Zampano helps get his partner out of the way, the new entrant Mei senses is none other than Selim Bradley (Pride).

Mustang hands Hawkeye over to Darius and confronts Wrath, who dodges Mustang's flame alchemy attacks before pinning him to the ground by stabbing both of Mustang's arms with two nearby swords. The Doctor thanks Bradley for his help, but is impaled by Pride's shadows and completely covered by them as Pride uses his shadows to create a transmutation ring around Wrath and Mustang to continue sacrificing Mustang while the Doctor's body is lifted above him. Many dogs are barking above ground when one of the owners notices that the eclipse is about to begin. Pride and Fury reveal that since they are running out of time, they have no choice but to use the alchemical knowledge that the Goldtooth Doctor has that Pride has assimilated and use Mustang as a force sacrifice to open the Gate and send him there, even if he won't perform human transmutation . As Wrath asks what Mustang will lose as a tax, he begins the procedure and then the doctor appears in a transformed and disfigured bloated form as Wrath, now alone, explains that Mustang is now with his father. Wrath then states that considering his weakened state, who of the remaining group can defeat him. However, Darius realizes that they cannot defeat him even though Wrath has already been injured. Jerso, Scar, and Mei realize that Wrath is a distraction and that the father and victims are right below them. In response, Scar creates a shockwave on the ground.

Meanwhile, after seeing Truth, Mustang arrives where the other victims are, followed by Pride. Father informs Pride that everything is ready, except Al's soul isn't here yet, while Ed and Izumi tend to the unconscious Mustang. After speaking and confirming that he had seen the Gate, Mustang commented that he could only see black darkness, making Ed realize that the Flame Alchemist's sight was the price for being sent to the Gate. Although his face peels off a bit as a side effect to help turn Mustang into one of the victims, Pride is happy with it as Mustang's flame alchemy abilities would give him the most trouble of all the state alchemists at this point. . Once Mustang confirms to Ed that he did not perform the human transmutation, Pride reveals that they had to force him to open the gate. Father then comments on what the Elric brothers, Izumi, and Mustang lost as a toll when they opened the gate, which is why they call their god the Truth, though Ed refuses to accept this as they forced Mustang to enter the Gate against the Flame Alchemist. his own will, which cost him his sight, and he considers this fact unreasonable. Above them, Wrath realizes that the current group will interfere with the Father, but Scar, who is not in the small hole, sneaks up behind him and attacks, and the two fighters' attacks even match. Wrath then asks what Scar's real name is. Scar replies that he doesn't have one as he puts him down, to which Wrath states that he doesn't even know his original name and finds it amusing that two nameless people like them would kill each other.

As the two begin their next attack, Mei breaks into her father's lair and admits that despite the change in appearance, her father's Qi is still the same. Mei notices Al's body and goes to wake him up, while Al's mind is actually at the Gate where his human body is. After being greeted by human Al, armor Al notices that his human body has degraded and is barely standing up. Armor Al knows he can't fight if he regains his human body right now due to his failing state. He tells human Al that even though he's wanted to get his human body back for a long time, he can't do it right now because his human body won't be able to cut it in their current situation. Human Al says that if his soul, now residing in the armor, wants to go back, he won't stop him as a Gate opens again. When the armor goes through, Al promises to come back later when he wakes up and Ed, Mei, and Izumi check on him to make sure he's okay. At the gate, human Al reports that while Al's soul has chosen to stay in his armored body to help his friends (while also being proud to be his vessel), that choice could fill the world with despair. The father is now happy because all five victims are present.

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