Fullmetal Alchemist Episode 51 : Laws and Promises

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 Picking up where the previous episode left off, Al, Rosé and Wrath watch in horror as Envy kills Ed. Envy ominously declares that all humans will die and only the Homunculi will survive. Dante also admits that people don't always get the prices they paid. At the Führer's headquarters, a military party escorting the imprisoned Hawkeye along with the Führer's wife and son are attacked by Archer, who claims that he is going to protect the Führer. When the soldier admits that Hawkeye has been captured and is being taken to Central Command for questioning per the Führer's orders, Archer makes a mad attempt to execute her, but Hawkeye manages to break free and retreat. Selim watches the soldiers detain Archer and slips away.

In the basement of the mansion, Pride (Führer Bradley) escapes the fire with his skin burned and regenerates with red stones in his body. A pride-stabbing Mustang admits how petty Mustang's dream of becoming Führer was and that he will never be in a position of power again for the assassination attempt. Mustang admits his stupidity and only wishes to avenge Hughes. As Pride continues to subject Mustang to excruciating pain, Selim appears.

Selim apologizes for coming back and Pride hugs him. When Pride finds himself in pain, he demands to know what Selim did. Selim admits that he took the treasure from the safe to save it from the fire. Revealed to be a skull from the body the Pride is based on, the treasure severely weakens it. In a fit of rage, Pride strangles Selim to death. Mustang pulls his sword from his shoulder and quickly lunges at Selim's body to retrieve the skull. Drawing a transmutation circle on his arm with his own blood, Mustang plans to burn the skull to affect Pride's body until all the red stones in it are consumed.

Back at Dante's hideout, before Gluttony can eat Al's armored body, Al breaks free and plans to revive Ed as there is still time as Ed's soul is still at the gate. Al ignores Dante's admonitions and makes it clear that it's time for him to finally do his part after so many people have died in exchange for his life. Envy tries to stop him but fails as Al starts the transmutation. Back at the Führer's headquarters, Mustang finishes turning Pride's body into a pool of red water and throws the skull in there to burn. Mustang takes Selim's body with him and runs into Archer outside the mansion. Hawkeye appears and shoots Archer in the organic area of ​​his mechanical body until he is dead. Hawkeye then finds Mustang lying motionless in a pool of blood, crying out his name.

Meanwhile, Envy meets Ed at the gate and the homunculus learns that Hohenheim is still alive on the other side and decides to go through against Ed's advice. However, when the children of the gate attach their bodies to him, Envy transforms into Edward to shake them off, then Hohenheim and Dante's deceased son once more, and finally disappears into the distance as a green serpent dragon; all along he swore death to his father. Ed wakes up with a fully whole and healed body and tearfully learns of Al's sacrifice from Rosé. As she leaves in the elevator, Dante plans to have Pride help her manipulate someone to make a new stone, only to be attacked by Gluttony and die at some point during the confrontation. After getting Rosé to take Wrath with her and escape, Ed uses a transmutation field with the same technique he used five years ago that transformed Al into armor in hopes of summoning Al's soul back from the gate.

Sheska, back at HQ again as a recorder, rushes into the epilogue and writes a letter to Winry. Due to the Führer's disappearance, the Führer's rank was officially retired and the political power of Amestris was transferred to an assembly with Grumman addressing the troops. Sheska admits that conflicts against other nations will still continue. However, Sheska also mentions that the policy towards the Ishval has been lifted and the Ishvalans have been allowed to return to their homeland with an army helping them rebuild their homes. In Ishval Rio, having overcome his prejudices, he helps the exiles from their wagon. Sheska then mentions that Mustang is still bedridden; at Mustang's house, Hawkeye apologizes to him for not saving him in time, resulting in him losing his left eye and Mustang now being forced to wear an eyepatch, but he convinces her that nothing is perfect and that's why life is beautiful. It indicates that their relationship has become more intimate as Mustang is seen stroking Hawkeye's hair and she feeds him a slice of apple. Sheska finishes the letter and asks how Al is doing. Al is revealed to have been restored to his 10-year-old body, but with no memory of the adventures he had with Ed.

At Resembool, Al is playing with the dog Winry, and Winry and Rosé are watching, just as Izumi, Sig, Mason, and Pinako arrive. Izumi speculates that Ed performed the reverse transmutation that caused Al to be originally sent to the gate, which explains why he returned as a ten-year-old with no memories after the day he and Ed transmuted their mother. Pinako mentions that she and Winry gave Wrath automail before he left. Al announces that night that he wishes to study alchemy again under Izumi so that he can eventually be reunited with Ed. When she, Pinako, and Rosé see Al and Curtis at the train station, Winry announces that she is going to study to improve her knowledge of automatic mail mechanics and encourages Al to visit her. In a parallel world, Hohenheim studies magic with the Thule company in Munich, while Ed studies rockets and hopes to find an expert to use a rocket to bring a place of alchemy back to his world. As Ed talks to his father about why he is still alive and in this world without paying the price for Al's resurrection, Hohenheim believes that all the adventures his two sons have had were a sacrifice.

As Ed travels by train, he vows to reunite with Al one day. Likewise, Al, who no longer thinks of Equivalent Exchange as a law of the world but as a promise, is thinking the same thing as he travels with Izumi and Sig on the train to Dublith. Many scenes are shown including: Mr. Tucker with his doll Nina, the Ishvalans and military soldiers rebuilding the Ishvalan houses, Mustang and Hawkeye shopping together at the market, Shesk with Gracia and Elicia visiting Maes' grave, Russell and Fletcher with their plants in Xenotime, as well as Winry training under Dominic in Rush Valley while Paninya watches. The series ends with the Elric brothers reaching their hands to the sky from their respective worlds, vowing to one day be reunited.

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