Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 1 : Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 1     Fullmetal-Alchemist-Brotherhood-Episode-1-Alphonse-and-Edward-Elric

 A mysterious man known as the "Frozen Alchemist" is on the loose in Central City, scribbling strange transmutation circles in hidden areas. At Führer Central Command, King Bradley takes advantage of Colonel Roy Mustang's recent visits to the capital and tasks him with tracking down the fugitive, while also suggesting that the colonel make use of another temporary resident - a young "full metal alchemist". “Edward Elric. Lamenting the new orders and the delay in their trip to Reole, teenage Edward and his brother Alphonse—a young man clad entirely in steel armor—prepare to spring into action. The military police attempt to surround the frosty alchemist in the dark alleys of Central, but he demonstrates his unique abilities by using alchemy to freeze, boil and shape the water around him, killing several of his pursuers. However, he is drawn into a trap when Edward arrives and displays impressive powers of his own – performing ringless alchemy and countering Freezing's boiling alchemy with his right hand Automail. But when he is brought into custody, Freezing reveals his final ace and uses the transmutation circles tattooed on his palms to break his restraints and escape once again.

Back at HQ, Colonel Mustang admonishes Edward for taking action without considering his target's abilities and explains again that their prey is Isaac McDougal "The Freezer", a former state alchemist who served during the Ishval Civil War, but left the State Military and became an anti-government radical after the fighting ended. Meanwhile, McDougal breaks into Central Prison to recruit an old friend, the imprisoned "Crimson Lotus Alchemist" Solf J. Kimblee, to his cause. Citing the mysterious atrocities the state alchemists were said to have carried out in Ishval, McDougal suggests that Kimblee murdered his superior officers during the war to protest the dark activities of the military, but Kimblee mocks him, noting that he only murdered them because he wanted to. to and not for some idealistic principles. Disappointed, McDougal leaves on his own, but returns to his work - drawing more of his unique transmutation circles around the city, noting that his actions will be King Bradley's undoing.

The next day, the military's efforts to find Isaac are redoubled, and Mustang himself joins the search. As McDougal completes his final circle, he is discovered and accosted by the "Strong Arm Alchemist", Alex Louis Armstrong. Their battle attracts the attention of Ed and Al, who rush to support Major Armstrong, but Isaac escapes again. He is discovered by Colonel Mustang, whom he identifies as the "Flame Alchemist", but escapes capture by using his ability to transmute water to counter Roy's flame alchemy. He heads to one of his many transmutation rings to be met by the Elric brothers, who have deduced his location by noticing a pattern in his movements, but before they can re-engage him, the frosty alchemist enacts his plan and - with a strange new display of alchemical power causes , that each of his transmutation circles around the city reacts simultaneously and explodes into gigantic growing mountains of ice. Meanwhile, hidden from all sight, a mysterious being suddenly and silently notices the activation of a strange new energy. As Ed and Al deduce that McDougal could only perform such remarkable new feats with the help of the legendary Philosopher's Stone, Frieza demands to know if Fullmetal truly understands what Central Command is planning for the country and flees again. McDougal's ice walls continue to grow and shift despite the military's best efforts to stop them, and Edward realizes that the frosty alchemist is attempting to create a gigantic glacial transmutation ring with the military headquarters as its center. While Armstrong and Mustang work together to deactivate the rings on the ground, the Elrics go after McDougal and throw off his momentum. However, in the fight, Isaac knocks off Al's helmet and realizes that the boy in the armor is empty inside - a hollow steel suit with his soul bound to it via the Blood Rune. Seeing this, he realizes that the reason for the boys' unusual bodies must be because they performed alchemy's greatest taboo - human transmutation. Enraged by Freezing's remarks, Edward attacks again, knocking McDougal to the ground, where he flees his pursuers by slipping into the back alley again. However, before he can make a clean escape, Isaac encounters King Bradley himself, who draws his sword and defeats the fugitive with inhuman skill and speed. As McDougal's blood spills into the gutter, a small red pebble floats in the stream and turns to dust. The mysterious being from before notices the sudden stop of the strange energy and returns to the shadows.

In Reola, a mysterious woman and her stout companion learn of Isaac's death and remark that he would make a good human sacrifice. The woman claims that the freezer must have been overusing his stone and notes that her own mission will begin very soon.

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