Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 60 : Eye of Heaven, Gateway of Earth

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 60   Swallowing-god

 Hoping to start negotiations, the Central Powers approach Radio Capital with the intention of sending an unarmed soldier to mediate. Denny Brosh is chosen, but after carefully entering the building, he is happily greeted by Maria Ross and bursts into tears of joy.

Deep underground in his father's lair, Ed claims that even though the Five Human Sacrifices have been gathered, the Homunculi simply won't be able to use them as they please. The father scoffs at this claim, and when he overhears Izumi's attempt to help the blind Mustang escape the hall, he informs the victims that they are all already trapped in his very being. Upstairs, Darius, Jerso, Zampano, and an injured Hawkeye stare in horror at the strange black film that has sealed off the lowest levels of the underground facility, preventing them from continuing their pursuit of Roy and Ed. May angrily approaches her father - recognizing that this black, bespectacled creature holds the secret to immortality - declaring that she will be his opponent and leave the Pride to the Elric brothers. Ed notes that taking down the Pride is a daunting task, but remembers that the little Homuncul's body began to peel off only moments ago when he went through the Gate with the Mustang. Ed suddenly wonders why the Homunculi would spend so much time trying to get the alchemists to cooperate with them if they could simply force someone through the gate, and Roy is informed that it was their last resort and was probably carrying a species. risks. As Selim's face continues to deteriorate, Ed and Al launch an attack, and when they realize that Pride has abandoned his usual aggressive tactics in favor of running away, they assume that by bringing Roy to this location, he may have weakened himself significantly. As her father wails about another fight, May launches her own attack, but when she clasps the Homuncul's arms and attempts a direct punch, Hohenheim releases her face from her father's body to warn the little girl that her opponent may not be moving properly. to circulate his energy. However, the admonition comes too late as May is seriously injured by the transmutation the moment her body comes into contact with her father's form.

As the solar eclipse begins in earnest above, the Ishvalan refugees who came with Scar rush to specific locations around Central City, lay tarps marked with the Alkahestic Reverse National Transmutation Circle, and leave the rest to their scarred compatriot.

Meanwhile, Scar continues to fight the wounded Wrath, who revels in his long-awaited chance to fight to the death unencumbered by the social and political baggage or agenda of his "father". King Bradley begins his attack as Scar attempts to counter the devastating alchemy of his right arm, but the Homunculus maintains a significant upper hand and deals several fresh wounds to the nameless Ishvalan. However, Scar sees his chance to strike and breaks one of his opponent's twin swords when King Bradley's own injury causes him to hesitate for a moment. The leader regains his footing by using the remains of his broken blade to immobilize Scar's right arm and prepares a killing blow with his undamaged sword, but - touching the floor with his shrouded left arm - Scar turns the tables in an unexpected way: he alchemically creates several large spikes that rising from the floor to deflect the attack and injure his unsuspecting foe. As Wrath staggers in shock, Scar explains that over the past few months he's come to the conclusion of what his best course of action would be, and when he takes off his cloak, he reveals that he now has a tattoo on his left arm as well - a reconstructed half of his brother's Dragon's Pulse field. With an admiring smile, Wrath once again praises the people's tenacity.

Edward sends Alphonse to help May while he takes care of the Pride himself, and while Al arrives in time to protect May (who has begun treatment with alcahestry) from the latest of his father's attacks, Ad carries out his own attack, Ed fends off Pride's shadow. tendrils with his automail and notes that the Homunculus has lost its blade. Pride mocks Edward's arrogance, noting that Ed's small stature is used to fighting opponents larger than himself, but barring him from facing an even smaller opponent, he manages to land a few blows on Fullmetal at close range. However, Edward counters that his own experience fighting large opponents has given him a first-hand understanding of how small people fight, and with a powerful headbutt to the Homuncul's face, he breaks a piece of Pride's deteriorating visage.

However, as Izumi tries to aid Alphonse in his attack on his father, the leader of the Homunculus declares that it is time to begin the ritual. Catching the four loose victims in his own shadowy tendrils - pulling Ed away from the disfigured Pride before Fullmetal can deliver the finishing blow - Father pins them all to the ground in a circle around him. Upstairs, inside Central Command, Brigadier General Klemin notes that the Sun has been almost completely blocked by the moon and panics, begging Briggs' soldiers to free him and get him to the center of the Nationwide Transmutation Ring, the only safe place from the impending transmutation. As the total eclipse begins and darkness falls around the land of Amestris, Father asks his five captives if they have ever considered that planet Earth could be considered a life form or a system capable of gathering universal knowledge on a much larger scale than anyone else. human. He goes on to say that if a human were to open a Gate belonging to such a life system, the power he would gain would be unimaginable, noting that he intends to use the Five Victims in his slavery to open the gate and take it. too much for myself. Suddenly, Greed jumps out of the shadows and slashes at his Father's body with his unyielding claws, cheerfully remarking that he is now the center of everything and that the power to take the world belongs to him.

However, even as a shadowy puddle on the ground, the father notes that he maintains the upper hand and expected Greed to appear at this stage. Crawling to his throne, the father drags the five victims into a new circle around him, he declares that the right center has always been where he now stands, and places his hand down on a mock-up of a five-point circle. When he activates it, the Eye of the Gate appears on each of the Five Victims and the black film surrounding the lair expands and rises like a tide, engulfing all of Central Command and the surrounding area. Shadowy black hands erupt from each Gate of Sacrifice and clash together in the center of the circle, creating a pool of alchemical energy that further expands the black matter on the surface. The energy activates a circle formed by five alchemists labs surrounding Central Command and then racing around the country. As the tragedy of Xerxes is recreated on a grander scale, all the people within Amestris' borders collapse where they stand, their souls forcibly pulled from their bodies. A pair of gargantuan gate doors appear above Amestris and open as the father, his shadow body enlarged to titanic size, emerges from within and calls out to the celestial circle formed by the sun's corona around the moon - referring to him as a "god". As the Father's massive black tendrils reach out from the ground, a pair of gates appear on the firmament itself, opening before the eclipse to reveal another Brobdingnagian eye within. The Gate of Heaven sends its own tendrils down to the Gate of Earth, and the father who grasps them declares that he will pull God down to Earth and make it a part of himself. In doing so, a massive light breaks across the surface of the planet.

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