Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 3 : City of Heresy

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 3     Fullmetal-Alchemist-Brotherhood-Episode-3-Edward-getting-mad

 When Ed and Al finally arrive in Reola, they introduce themselves to the locals and ask about a religious message being broadcast in the town. The people explain that the voice on the radio is that of the prophet Cornell, preaching the word of the god Leto and performing miracles such as granting immortality and raising the dead, but when Edward hears this last bit, he becomes worried and suspicious. When the Elric brothers witness Father Cornell's public display of power, they deduce that his "miracles" are merely alchemical transmutations, but wonder how the priest is able to circumvent so many basic laws and principles of alchemy. They suspect they have finally found what they were looking for.

At the church, the boys meet a young summer student named Rosé, who chastises Edward's agnosticism and defends him by asserting the superiority of science over faith. Edward changes the subject and asks Rosé to secure an audience for him with Father Cornell, and she readily obliges, relaying the message through her father's aide Cray. However, when Cornello hears that the famous Fullmetal Alchemist wants to speak with him, he becomes nervous and suspects that the State Army has sent an agent to stop his operation. On his father's orders, Cray attempts to kill the boy to stop them from taking action, but Ed and Al easily subdue him and his guards, prompting Cornell to appear before them in person. Edward accuses Cornell of using alchemy to trick his followers with the red gem on the ring - the Philosopher's Stone. Continuing to deny his deception, Cornello orders Rosé to shoot Edward, promising to hear her prayers and resurrect her deceased lover if she continues to act under his command in Leto's name. Blinded by grief and false hope, Rosé points Cray's gun at the Elrics and fires, knocking off Alphonse's helmet. But when the headless armorer regains his feet and reveals his hollow nature, both Rosé and Cornello are shocked, prompting the false prophet to resort to his trump card—a chimera created by the power of the Stone. Edward displays his ability to perform alchemy without the ring and attacks the beast, but his transformed weapon proves inadequate and useless when the creature is unable to bite through his left leg or bite through his right arm. When Cornello saw that Ed's limbs are automatic and that Al is a disembodied soul chained to the armor, he immediately understands that the cause was a failed attempt at human transmutation - alchemy's greatest taboo. Edward explains to Rosa that his injuries are the result of trying to raise the dead and advises her not to go down that path. Ed challenges Cornell to face them alone, but when the priest attacks with the power of the Philosopher's Stone, the boys are forced to flee with Rosé and escape to the upper floors of the church.

Outside, Alphonse explains to Rosé that he and Edward tried to bring their mother back to life, but only succeeded in creating an inhuman creature and horribly mutilating themselves, leading them to realize the truth - that it is impossible to bring someone back from the dead. Still, Rosé still believes that Cornell's power may be enough for a successful resurrection. Cornello follows the trail of the Elrics and comes across Edward casually sitting in the broadcast room. Fullmetal asks why Cornello built a fake church around him when he already has the power of a stone, and the priest replies that his real goal is to use religious faith and fake miracles to raise a flock of devout followers who aren't even afraid. death; with such a powerful force at his disposal, he plans to overthrow the current government and put himself in charge of the country. Unfortunately for him, Edward reveals his own "real plan" and lets Cornell know that the broadcast microphone has been on all along, broadcasting the priest's entire plan to his already hapless flock. Enraged, Cornello attempts another Philosopher's Stone attack, but the result is a ricochet that mutates the arm and then the entire body into a grotesque form. Edward manages to subdue a charged Cornell with the force, but when he demands that the fake priest hand over the stone, it crumbles to dust, leading Ed to conclude that Cornell's stone was also fake.

Edward meets Alphonse outside and explains the situation to him, but Rosé appears and demands the Philosopher's Stone at gunpoint, accusing Edward of lying about destroying it in order to use it on his mother. Edward again states that dead people cannot be raised, and Rosé breaks down in despair, wondering how to go on when her last hope is gone. Edward tells her that she has to figure it out on her own and that with the two strong legs she has, she can move forward on her own.

As the enraged people of Reole march to the church and demand an explanation from the Father, Cornello sneaks back into his inner sanctum and laments that the Fullmetal Alchemist has ruined all his plans. He is met by Lust and Gluttony, who berate him for letting his elaborate plan fall apart right at the end, only to reveal that they were just using him and gave him the Philosopher's Stone to cause trouble in the region. Enraged at being mocked by the two, Cornello charges at Lust, but is instantly killed when her razor-sharp nails extend and pierce his skull. As Gluttony eats Cornell's body, Lust laments that their father will not be happy with the outcome.

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