Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 58 : Sacrifices

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 58   Into-gate1

 Ed's group watches as he is transported away, and as they continue to fight the zombie candidates, Doctor Goldtooth explains to Mustang that he will eventually be transported to that location. Ed, as he is pulled through the portal by shadow hands, recognizes the mysterious area he is passing through as similar to the Gate of Truth. People in the Central Region can feel the tremors caused by the giant transmutation ring as its effects continue. As Greed continues his fight against Wrath (King Bradley), Lan Fan is left sitting by her grandfather's body. Even without his Ultimate Eye, Wrath still has the upper hand, and the massive punch he uses sends them both over the ledge, with Greed holding onto it while Wrath holds on to Greed's other arm. Just as the holding brick gives way, Lan Fan comes and grabs Greed's arm. As Lan Fan wishes to help Ling, seeing the part of her body above her automail arm bleeding, Greed points out that both his and Wrath's weight is too much for Lan Fan's automail arm to handle, and she should help Fu instead. Lan Fan tearfully responds by declaring that it is too late, her grandfather has already died. One of Briggs's nearby soldiers calls for help and fires at Bradley, and although one of Wrath's knives injures his shoulder, Wrath suffers a gunshot wound to his own shoulder, which causes him to let go and fall into the ditch below.

After returning back, Ling goes to Fu's corpse and asks a doctor skilled in alchemy to save Fu because he has the greed stone, but everyone around him has to ignore him and not respond to Ling's calls for help. Although Ling is shot in the head by a nearby central soldier, he regenerates from Greed's power. Ling is upset that even though he gained immortality, he cannot save his subject/friend's life. Captain Buccaneer then wakes up, and just as Falman and Briggs' soldiers continue their efforts to stop the Central Troops from entering the courtyard, Ling thanks the dying Buccaneer for helping ensure that Bradley/Wrath received the fatal blow, and for that Fu's last sacrifice was not in vain, but he feels sad because he can't save his life either. As the machine guns used by Briggs' soldiers run out of ammo, which they now have to fight with their rifles, the Buccaneer asks Ling Yao one last time to help defend the main gate and prevent it from opening until their queen makes the announcement. safe opening because only he can do it successfully. Ling convinces Greed to give him some of his power, leaving it up to Lan Fan to guard the soldiers here while he deals with Central's troops, promising Buccaneer that he will fulfill this promise when he undergoes a partial transformation using Greed's Ultimate Shield ability.

As he rides the elevator down, Ling gives a warning to the soldiers who do not wish to die before launching their attack, damaging the elevator in the process and causing a massive explosion that can be seen outside. A fully transformed Ling then fights the troops outside the main gate and destroys a military truck that tried to run him over. Falman watches from the main gate and questions which one of them is currently in control, while Private Briggs is happy that Ling/Greed is on their side. Glad to hear those words, Buccaneer is happy to die in peace. Despite Private Briggs' objections, the Buccaneer is happy to leave the purified air of Central to a place higher than the summit of Fort Briggs, and dies in a military salute to which Falman salutes. Around Central, people are wondering what is going on at Central Command, while at their home, Gracia and Elicia Hughes are preparing for the upcoming eclipse. In the underground stairwell, Sig asks where his wife is, while Olivier learns from Alex that Izumi's disappearance is related to the opening of the Gate of Truth from Human Transmuation, which the Elric brothers told him about because it drew them there with the mysterious ones. black hands.

After one of their soldiers receives a report, Olivier wants to know what it is. The soldier reveals that while Izumi's location has not been confirmed, Captain Buccaneer and several of his men were killed while helping the Xing people against Bradley/Wrath and were able to inflict a fatal wound on him. The captured General Edison is surprised by this and, in disbelief at what has happened to Bradley, has Olivier spank him. The soldier finishes his report that the main gate is still defended and that Greed has gone over to their side by aiding their efforts. Edison is still in disbelief as no Homunculus would turn against the "Good Gentleman". After she clenches her fist in anger at learning that the Buccaneer died with a smile on her face, Olivier points out that they must continue and convinces Sig that they will find his wife. Ed and Izumi are transported to a mysterious room and wonder where they are before Al emerges. Just as Izumi realizes that it has to do with victims, the father arrives with Hohenheim trapped in his body, admitting that they are one victim short, but suspects that the last one is being prepared. After Hohenheim and the group notice each other, the father explains that he will later drain the Philosopher's Stone from Hohenheim's body in his spare time. Ed doesn't recognize his father's new body, he asks Hohenheim who he is, and Hohenheim confirms before completely absorbing himself so as not to reveal too much information. Ready to fight, Ed finds that Al still won't wake up.

Meanwhile, the rest of Ed's group fights while the Goldtooth Doctor watches. During the fight, Hawkeye's gun jams, pinning her, Mustang's gloves are chopped off before he can help her before being pinned himself, and Scar is held at the point of his sword to keep him from moving. The Doctor wants Mustang to perform a human transmutation so that the plan can continue, and suggests that one of his loved ones be revived with him, including Maes Hughes. Mustang realizes that he is one of the victims, which the Doctor confirms, but only if he opens the Gate. Mustang knows from the Elric brothers' information that reviving the dead will never work, and once the Doctor reveals that all he has to do is open it and come back, Mustang makes it clear that he refuses. With their time running out, Doctor Goldtooth had one of the zombie soldiers fatally wound Hawkeye. She tells Mustang to hurry up and do the transmutation or Hawkeye will die unless he wants to transmute Hawkeye after her death. Hawkeye encourages Mustang that he won't die as he is bleeding profusely on the floor. The Doctor taunts Mustang again, saying with his Philosopher's Stone that he can help save Hawkeye if Mustang does what he wants. Despite Hawkeye's wishes, after giving it some thought, Mustang decides to do it.

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