Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 56 : The Return of the Führer

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 In the past, Hohenheim has been seen traveling through the desert muttering about wanting to talk to someone and telling that person he is not alone before collapsing from exhaustion. He is found by some men who recognize him from the west by his blond hair and believe him to be dead until Hohenheim shows signs that he is still alive. After giving him water, the leader of the group reveals that they are traders from Xing. They carry him and ask what he was trying to do. All Hohenheim could mutter is that he has nowhere to go after running from Xerxes and that he couldn't stop him and apologize to someone named Sergence. Back in the present, Hohenheim mentions that Sergence was a master carpenter, and the other people they knew from Xerxes explain that it is their souls that are now invading Father's body and working with him to defeat Father. The father is surprised by this and refuses to believe it, and Hohenheim admits that he initially had trouble with these souls before he started talking to them thanks to the immortal body his father gave him. After Hohenheim explains that he spoke to all 536,329 souls within himself, the soul in Father's body creates a spike through Father's head. Although the father breaks it, Hohenheim says that they are going to break his bottle and end the father's life forever, as more spikes emerge from various parts of the father's body. Hohenheim says that once his father's vessel is destroyed, the flask will be as well and he will turn to dust. However, to Hohenheim's surprise, the father absorbs the spike and then discards his container, revealing a new form that resembles his old bottle form. Hohenhiem is surprised that Father can do this, and Father explains that they are not the only ones who have evolved over the years. He then creates a giant Eye in the ceiling and explains that he will become a perfect being.

Above ground, Wrath (King Bradley) prepares his frontal attack, saying there is no point in using the back entrance to enter his own castle. Wrath parries Briggs' tank fire with his sword and attacks the tank. Briggs' soldiers manning the tank quickly backed the tank out of fear, but Bradley chases after them, killing the other Briggs soldiers in the way. Bradley ends up slashing the tires with his sword and then throws a grenade he has inside the tank, destroying it and killing the Briggs soldiers inside. Facing Buccaneer and several soldiers in the courtyard, he easily slashes Buccaneer and destroys his automatic crocodile model arm when Buccaneer attempts a second attack. Wrath orders Falman to open the gate for him, but a crying Falman holds him at gunpoint, apologizing to Mustang that he may die sooner than expected. Buccaneer, chaining his automail arm to his left hand, tells Falman that he shouldn't try to show courage when he's crying like that, and that he can never be as manly as he is, because despite his injuries, he can still fight. Wrath says it's foolish, but a voice interrupts agreeing that no good can come from giving in to fear in the heat of the moment.

The new player turns out to be Greed, who admits that he can't leave these people alone to get killed. Out on the streets, the Brigg soldiers are in trouble as the Central Soldier's morale has increased since Bradley's return and they have to hold the line. A separate unit of Central soldiers arrives at the radio station; the radio show manager breaks the news to Mrs. Bradley that her husband has returned, causing her to cry tears of joy that he is still alive. After hearing that Bradley is sweeping Briggs' troops, Breda says to Ross's dismay that they will have to pin the blame on Briggs to protect the Mustang. Breda says that it is lucky that the Führer is still alive and that Major General Armstrong is probably the leader of the rebellion. Ross leaves the room and meets Fuery in the hallway to discuss their disappointment at the Führer's survival and the fact that they have no choice but to paint Major General Armstrong as the villain. As the two prepare to deal with the soldiers outside the radio station, they know that even though their announcement bought them some time, they will be crushed once Bradley takes full command.

Anger and Greed talk and Anger is surprised that Greed didn't run away. Greed transforms his arms and says he wants Wrath's life as well. Greed then jumps right to the ground, with Buccaneer wondering who he is. When asked how he survived the train crash, Wrath replies that his Ultimate Eye is sharper: he calculated what he had to do and timed his jumps through the wreckage to survive. Wrath also admits that his body isn't quite what it used to be. Falman recognizes Greed as Ling Yao and Greed goes back to Ling for a moment to thank Falman for letting him stay in his apartment a while ago. Wishing to return the favor, Ling turns back to Greed, saying that they both hate Wrath personally. They charge forward, the two exchange blows, and Falman can only watch. Greed reveals that with Ling's knowledge of Wrath's fighting style, he will attempt to fight Wrath in his blind spot. Wrath removed his blindfold and charged forward, gaining the upper hand with quick strikes as Greed dodged and blocked. Several of Briggs' soldiers try to help despite Greed's warning not to, but Wrath defeats them all. Buccaneer then attacks, but Wrath stabs him in the stomach, severely injuring him. Wrath dodges another of Buccaneer's attacks and Buccaneer reveals that this was his plan so Bradley can no longer use his sword. Angered and stunned by this trick, Greed thanks Buccaneer as he charges forward, but Wrath secures two knives from Private Briggs' corpse to counter the attack. Wrath admits that he is not used to these weapons and prepares himself when an enraged Greed attacks again.

Down at the entrance to the main gate, more troops arrive led by a man named Gamelan. Gamelan learns what's going on and sees Greed fighting the Führer through his binoculars, so he plans to overwhelm Briggs' troops and rescue the Führer. With Greed too busy to help him, Falman orders the wounded Buccaneer to be moved to a safe location and the machine guns to be moved to the main gate entrance to keep the central reinforcements from reaching the gate. This allows them to fit reinforcements in the process. Gamelan tries to get a message sent to open the main gate, but it's impossible because of the Mannequin Soldiers. Before Gamelan can ask what he's talking about, several colorful smoke bombs explode and Gamelan and his men are knocked down by the man behind the smoke bombs - Fu. Avoiding friendly fire, Fu charges in and attacks Wrath, damaging his knives before jumping back to where Greed is. Greed thanks him, but Fu makes it clear that he was protecting Master Ling's body, which he only found thanks to Greed's diseased Qi emerging from it. Fu asks who their opponent is and Greed replies that it is King Bradley. Fu is surprised by this and proudly proclaims that this is the first time he has seen him. However, he quickly becomes angry as he realizes that she is the same person who took his granddaughter Lan Fan's hand.

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