Fullmetal Alchemist Episode 50 : Death

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 As he and his father run from the Zeppelins in a parallel world, Ed hears a voice in his head and realizes he is in someone else's body. Hohenheim reveals that this world is on the other side of the gate and is different from theirs because it has advanced science instead of alchemy. In Drachma, Falman broadcasts news of an attack on Central Command, which Lt. Col. Armstrong knows is of no consequence as they can withstand Major General Hakura's troops. Fuery returns to reveal that Hakuro's backups have arrived and Havoc goes to deal with the tanks with a machine gun. At the Führer's headquarters, Bradley notices that Selim is depressed and asks what it is. Selim admits that he saw his father hiding a secret treasure in a hidden safe, so Bradley gives Selim the key to protect it. He is then informed by his wife that there is a report of a suspicious figure on the property, which is Hawkeye. However, she is actually a distraction to keep the defense forces busy so Mustang can slip into the mansion undetected. At Central HQ, Archer continues to kill the soldiers attacking him while Ross and Izumi talk in a secure area, with Ross mentioning to Izumi about his friends' planned rebellion. When a soldier arrives with dire news, Archer grabs him and discovers that the Führer's headquarters is under attack, so Archer decides to head there to save the Führer.

In parallel world London, Hohenheim reveals that the vast amount of death in this world is the source of all alchemy in their world, as the energy from souls passing through the Gate enables transmutation, and every person from their world has a connection to the Gate that gives them access to this power. Ed tells him that he knows his father lived for centuries and learned everything else from Dante and asks why he married his mother. Hohenheim reveals that he truly loved her and only left to avoid revealing his decaying skin, which was a side effect of his many soul transfers. In Dante's hideout, where Gluttony cannot follow Envy's orders to consume Al to create the Philosopher's Stone in his body out of grief over Lust's death, Dante alchemically erases his tattoo and turns him into a soulless eating machine.

Hohenheim reveals that he stayed in hiding because Dante cannot create the stone herself and she only appeared before them because of her interest in Ed and Al. He also reveals that when he went through the gate, Ed's body is still there and only his soul and mind passed into this body, which is his counterpart in this world. When he is recalled by order of General Churchill, Hohenheim reveals to Ed to find his inner gate and return to their world, as only he can pass and that Hohenheim intends to stay and die in this world. As his car drives away, Hohenheim watches as a Zeppelin balloon crashes where Ed is, leaving him unable to use alchemy to escape. At the Führer's headquarters, Hawkeye explains that Mustang plans to eliminate the Führer, and when Bradley hears a noise in the basement, he decides to deal with it while the guards protect his family. Once Bradley enters the room, Mustang has a hidden transmutation ring that seals the entrance to the basement door. Knowing they are now alone, Bradley removes his blindfold and reveals his identity as Pride. Mustang rages at him, not because of his secret identity, but rather because of the genocide he committed against other peoples to expand the territory of Amestris and force the Desperate to create the Philosopher's Stone before the Homunculi steal it from them. Pride admits that it is to protect people from themselves, and that while they cannot know for sure that there is no such thing as God, there are devils who are alchemists.

Before Pride begins the fight, he uses the Ultimate Eye so he can see the air currents Mustang uses for his flame alchemy, and stabs a hole in the wall with his swords, splitting the air current so the flame doesn't ignite where Mustang wants it to. it to. Mustang, just after being stabbed by Pride, uses a well-timed shot to blow up the room, only to find that Pride survived the attack. At Dante's hideout, before Gluttony can consume Al, Wrath appears and forces Envy to restrain him so that Dante can use Rosé's child to summon the Gate and cut Ed's original arm and leg so that he cannot use alchemy with the stone. resurrect Sloth. However, it also allows Ed to return to their world. Assuming the form of Dr. Marcoh and then transforming into Hughes Envy reveals that Gluttony ate the real Marcoh after Ed handed him over to the Führer, and that he was responsible for Marcoh's death as well as Hughes's. Although Envy attacks with Hughes' push knives, Ed is able to hold him back, pointing out that he can take care of any form he uses. Envy then transforms into Sloth to distract Ed so he can break free from his grasp. Dante then warns Ed not to use the transmutation because the Philosopher's Stone in Al's body is activated and there's no telling what might happen.

Ed and Envy continue to fight, and with the help of Wrath, Ed manages to defeat Envy, knowing which face won't work on him. When Ed demands to see his true face, Envy obliges and makes him stop because he resembles his own father. Dante reveals that Envy was the first Homunculus created when Hohenheim tried to resurrect the son he conceived with her. As Envy admits that this is the reason he hates the Elric brothers due to Hohenheim leaving him to start a new family, the shape-shifting homunculus transforms his arm into a blade and stabs Edward through the heart, killing him instantly. However, his death causes Rosé to snap out of the trance Dante put on her as she begins to call out Edward's name in desperation.

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