Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 54 : Beyond the Inferno

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 54   Fullmetal-Alchemist-Brotherhood-Episode-54-Mustang-has-lost-control

 The year is 1909. At the end of the Ishvalan Civil War, Major Roy Mustang finds Cadet Riza Hawkeye making a grave for an Ishvalan child and tells her to hurry to camp before she is abandoned. But Riza claims that the war will never end for her. She remembered entrusting her father's research notes - tattooed on her back - four years ago to a man who would use that knowledge to become a hero of the massacre, and that she had decided to join the army and take part in the massacre. of her own free will, Riza states that there is no way she can atone for her sins and asks Roy to use his Flame Alchemy to burn her back and destroy the notes to prevent the creation of another Flame Alchemist. Roy agrees to free her from the weight of her father's burden and complies.

The year is 1915. As the colonel and lieutenant travel through the tunnels under Central City in search of Envy, Hawkeye raises his gun and points it directly at the back of his commander's head. Mustang demands that the lieutenant explain the meaning of the word to him, but Riza smirks and notes that the real Roy always calls her by name when they are alone. Envy, enraged at being found out, discards her Mustang disguise and tries to flee, but Riza shoots him in the head when she remarks that her previous statement was only a lie to draw out the impostor. She fires again and again, emptying the pistol and pulling out two more, then pulling out the rifle when she's out of ammo. However, Homunculus refuses to die and manages to retrieve Hawkeye, gleefully promising to deliver her dismembered corpse to her commanding officer. Suddenly, all hell breaks loose on Envy from an adjacent corridor as the real Flame Alchemist appears on the scene - attracted by the sounds of gunfire. Eyes armored with vengeance, Roy chastises Riza for disobeying orders and resumes her vicious assault on Envy until the Homuncula's body ceases to regenerate and crumbles to dust. However, Envy's larval form squirms out of its shell and tries to wriggle out, only to be held firmly by the Colonel's boot. Finally reaching the end of his long journey for revenge, Roy prepares a final blast of flame to take the creature's life, but Riza pulls out another revolver and points it at Colonel Mustang, demanding that he lower his hand. She declares that Roy has done enough and that she herself will finish off the homunculus, but Roy refuses to let anyone else kill Envy. Suddenly, Edward and Scar appear in the corridor and Fullmetal uses his alchemy to seize Envy from under the Colonel's grip, to which Roy - eyes filled with hatred - orders Ed to return his loot or risk burning his arm off with Automail. creation. But Edward still refuses, remarking that Roy needs to look at his own rage-contorted face and ask himself if this is the face he wishes to wear when he becomes Führer. Scar also intercedes, commenting that he has no right to divert Roy from the path of a vengeful beast, but that any world with such a beast at its head would surely descend into chaos. When Riza adds that she will not let Roy be consumed by revenge, but also intends to finish off the Homunculus, Roy softens a bit, but – unable to shake his hatred – asks Riza what she intends to do if she refuses. to let go and is forced to shoot him, to which Hawkeye responds by ending his own life and following him into the afterlife. Hearing this, Roy finally let go and refused to accept such a sad outcome. He apologizes to his friends and assures Riza that he can put the gun down.

Envy, from his position in Edward's hand, scoffs at all of this human sentiment and makes a last ditch effort to turn all the people present against each other, remarking that overcoming hatred and living together is not something that is humanly possible. But Ed, finally seeing the source of Envy's hatred of humans, gravely notes that the Homunculus is jealous of them—jealous that his own kind can't care for and support themselves the way supposedly inferior humans can. Infuriated by this statement, Envy forces herself free from Edward's steely grip, further injuring her own body as she tries to crawl away. He notes that he was humiliated beyond imagination, by Mustang for stealing his power, by Hawkeye for daring to show him mercy, and - most of all - by Edward for understanding his heart's deepest secret emotion. Envy said a tearful farewell to everyone, reaching into his body and pulling out his own Philosopher's Stone, taking his own life. As Envy and the stone crumble to dust, Roy laments the Homuncul's cowardice.

Inside Central Command, Sloth rises from Alex Armstrong's attack and regenerates his body, much to the surprise of the watching Central soldiers. When more arrive with the intention of shooting Olivier Armstrong, he takes command of them and helps defend them as more dummy soldiers swarm into the room. Informing them that their bullets will prove ineffective, and advising them to destroy the upper jaw lest they be eaten alive, she orders the men to divide into pairs, and that each pair stake their honor to bring down at least one of these pale monsters . Sloth calms down again and remembers her mission to take out the Major General, but is restrained by her brother Alex, who takes another beating to his dislocated left arm for his trouble. With only one arm to defend himself, Alex is mercilessly pummeled by the massive Homunculus, causing great alarm among several Central Unit soldiers. But when Olivier assures them that her brother is not weak enough to be killed in such a way, Alex positions his body so that Lenh's punches snap his left shoulder back into place. After regaining the use of both arms and confirming his sister's faith, Alex launches his own vicious assault on the beast using his fists and alchemy to deal massive damage to his inhuman foe.

Meanwhile, as the main gate of Central Command continues to take fire from the Briggs tank across the street, Brigadier General Klemin orders them to return the cannon fire, even though the civilians in the area have not yet finished evacuating the adjacent buildings. However, before the order can be carried out, an explosion rocks Klemin's office and Captain Buccaneer bursts in with his men, capturing all the enemies inside. Klemin demands to know how they got to this point, and the Briggs troopers explain that they didn't just use 2nd Lt.'s encyclopedic memory. Falman to organize a central command, but they also used an entrance tunnel that another of their friends - the commander - had dug himself. alchemist Izumi Curtis.

Deep underground, Van Hohenheim has finally arrived at his father's inner sanctum and expresses his disdain for his old friend's behavior. But the Homunculus replies that the man from whose body he was born will now become a part of him.

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