Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 8 : The Fifth Laboratory

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 Outside of Lab 5, Alphonse is suddenly attacked by a mysterious figure in armor calling himself Number 66. Meanwhile, Edward comes across a large hall with a large, blood-stained five-point transmutation ring on the floor. As he wonders aloud if the field was used to create the Philosopher's Stones, he is answered in the affirmative by Number 48, who emerges from the shadows and declares that he has orders to eliminate anyone who enters Lab 5. Ed prepares for battle by transforming the outer plate into his arm with automatic blade mail and 48, impressed by the boy's alchemical skills, makes a serious attack with his sword. Edward deftly defends himself, but when he manages to land a blow on his armored opponent, he recognizes that 48 emits a familiar hollow pitch upon impact and asks the armored guard if it is truly empty inside. Again answering in the affirmative when Ed mentions that he often wrestles with someone of a similar constitution, 48 reintroduces himself as a former death row inmate - the infamous serial killer known as "Slicer". His suspicions about the lab's proximity to Central Prison seemingly confirmed, Edward begins a new investigation, asking Slicer if he has the blood rune connecting his disembodied soul to the armor and if he knows if other prisoners were used as ingredients for the Philosopher's Stone. 48 replies that he doesn't know much about the Philosopher's Stone process, but opens his empty helmet to reveal a bloody rune scrawled inside, signifying that Ed will win if he can destroy it.

Lt. Col. Hughes calls Colonel Mustang from Central Command to ask about progress on the Scar case, and Roy informs him that their extensive search has yielded nothing conclusive so far, and that the general consensus in East City is that the man had to die. Hearing this, Maes considers relieving the Elric brothers of escort duty. Meanwhile, the same escorts - 2nd Lt. Ross and Sgt. Brosh is horrified to discover that their charges have snuck out of their hotel room in the dead of night and immediately head to Lab 5.

As Ed continues his fight with 48, he suddenly feels as if his right shoulder is out of order and remembers Winry informing him that his new automail is less durable than the previous one. With this in mind, he attempts to end the match quickly, but is overwhelmed by 48's skill and inexhaustible stamina. Declaring that the fight will soon be over, 48 mentions that his own companion engages Ed's partner while they are talking, prompting Edward to ask, whether companion 48 is equally strong. 48 replies that 66 is strong, but not as strong as himself, to which Edward expresses his belief that his own "partner" will be fine, since—in all the years they've been sparring together—Ed has never been able to beat him. not even once. Meanwhile, in line with Edward's statement, Alphonse persists in parrying 66's attacks with ease, managing to knock off his helmet and finding his opponent as empty as himself. With dramatic flair, #66 claims to be the infamously sadistic serial killer "Barry Chopper", imprisoned and allegedly executed, only to be disappointed when Alphonse not only reveals that he too has a hollow armored body, but that he grew up in the countryside and has no knowledge about famous murderers from the capital. Al takes offense at Barry's assumption that he, too, is an executed criminal, and explains that his brother saved his life by binding his soul to the armor. However, upon hearing this, Barry suggests that Al's story and memories are false and that his soul is a fabrication created by an alchemist who calls himself Al's brother. Unable to offer undeniable proof that he was ever truly human, Alphonse begins to doubt his own existence.

Inside, Edward manages to defeat 48 by cutting off his helmet, disconnecting most of the body armor from the control rune. Edward, who restores his arm to its original state, states that he still has some questions to answer, but the disembodied helmet replies that the fight is not quite over. Edward barely escapes instant death when the headless armored body rises to its feet and strikes, but is badly wounded by the attack. 48 then informs his young adversary that when Slicer was finally apprehended, the authorities discovered that the killer was actually a pair of mass-murdering brothers. Slicer's younger brother speaks from the body and reveals that his own independent blood rune is below, inside the torso. The younger Slicer doesn't give Edward time to transform into another weapon, and a helpless Edward feels the panic of impending death. However, he notes that the feeling is familiar and remembers being attacked by Scar in East City. Clapping his hands together, Edward mimicked Scar's Destruction Alchemy style and smashed the younger Slicer in the waist. The Elder Slicer admits true defeat and asks Ed to hurry up and destroy them. Edward states that he is no murderer, but Slicer replies that only killing people counts as murder. Meanwhile, Alphonse, troubled by these new questions, is having much more trouble keeping the 66. Edward tells Slicer that if he considers his brother human, he considers them human too. Elder Slicer, amused by this answer, offers to tell the little alchemist everything he knows about the Philosopher's Stone. Unfortunately, Lust and Envy arrive at that moment and quickly dispose of both Slicer brothers before they can reveal anything, expressing their unhappiness that 48 nearly killed one of their rare human victims. Furiously demanding to know who they are and what they're talking about, Edward tries to start a fight, but just then his automail hand finally gives way and Envy knocks him unconscious with a heavy blow to the stomach. Lust advises the withering boy to signal that his life was spared and suggests Envy destroy the lab to prevent Fullmetal from returning and discovering anything.

Outside, Al remembers Edward mentioning earlier that there was something important he wanted to talk about, but was always too afraid to bring it up, and wonders if what he wanted to talk about was the fact that he wasn't real. Taking advantage of Al's inattention, Barry gains the upper hand, but before he can deliver the finishing blow, Ross and Brosh appear on the scene, each shooting a 66 to the hand. They declare him under arrest, but just then Lab 5 begins to fall apart. Al claims his brother is still inside and tries to go after him, but as Lt. Ross holds him back, Envy breaks through the collapsing wall with Edward slung over his shoulder. She tells Al and Maria to rush Edward to the hospital and make sure he doesn't put himself in danger like this again before disappearing into dust. Next door at the Central Prison, Solf J. Kimblee recognizes the sound of explosives reducing the building to rubble and begins to ecstatically reminisce about the Ishval Civil War. Transmutation circles are tattooed on each of his handcuffed hands. Al, Ed, Ross and Brosh escape from Lab 5.

Still on the phone with Mustang, Hughes informs his friend that due to Scar's elimination of so many state alchemists in Central City, Central Command is considering promoting the Flame Alchemist to a position in the capital. Mustang expresses his joy, but Hughes warns him that his rapid ascent will make him more enemies, and advises him to make as many friends and supporters as possible.

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