Fullmetal Alchemist Manga Chapter 2: The Price of Life

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Cornello, now realizing why Edward was given such a terrifying moniker as "Fullmetal", chastises the boys for apparently committing alchemy's greatest taboo - human transmutation. Alphonse explains to Rosé that he and his brother performed a human transmutation several years ago in an attempt to resurrect their deceased mother, but when the ritual failed, both Ed's left leg and Al's entire body were lost - broken by the alchemist. forces they have lost control of. Alphonse was then knocked unconscious, but when he awoke, he discovered that he was merely a soul hidden in armor, the result of a hasty transmutation that Edward sacrificed his right arm. Edward informs Rosa that their current state was the result of playing with the power of life and death, warning her not to get involved in such things.Father Cornello attacks with the power of the Philosopher's Stone, but Elric manages to escape the hall with Rosé, defeating many of Cornell's guards in the process. However, while escaping, Edward stumbles upon Cornell's broadcast room and hatches a diabolical plan. While he stays behind, Al goes outside with Rosé to convert the makeshift speaker. Rosé asks if the sacrifices they made led to their mother's resurrection, but Al replies that the creature born from the ritual wasn't even human. He explains that they have given up trying to resurrect their mother, but that their new goal is to find a way to restore each other's bodies.Cornello runs into Edward casually sitting in his broadcast office, and Fullmetal advises the fake cleric to give up, as his plans will spread to the city via Rosé anyway. However, Cornello fights back, shouting madly about how he has brainwashed the people of Reola into believing his every false word and false miracle, and that once he makes them loyal followers without fear of death, he will use them to conquer the entire country.Ed reveals that the broadcast microphone was on from the start of the rant and that Alphonse was outside broadcasting their conversation to the entire town on a loudspeaker. Fullmetal launches a counterattack, turning the outer plating of his automail arm into a blade to destroy the prophet's weapon, but when Cornello tries to fight back, his arm is destroyed by an alchemical reflection and the stone on the ring crumbles to dust, causing Edward to realize that the prophet's stone was fake. Enraged by this new development, Edward transforms a giant statue of the god Leto to render Cornella unconscious.Edward informs Alphonse of the destruction of the fake stone and laments that he must continue his search elsewhere, but Rosé wants to know what to believe when the Elrics destroyed her last chance at happiness. Edward simply states that she needs to stand up and move forward under her own power, grateful that she has two strong legs to do so with.As the people of Reole riot around the church, Cornello marches back to his secluded hall, determined to save face and get revenge. He is met by Lust and Gluttony, who berate him for letting his elaborate plan fall apart right at the end, only to reveal that they were just using him and gave him the Philosopher's Stone to cause trouble in the region. Enraged at being taunted by the two, Cornello attacks Lust, but is instantly killed when her razor-sharp nails reach out and pierce his skull. As Gluttony eats Cornello's body, Lust laments that their father will not be pleased.

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